The Municipal Tourism Office (MTO) was created to promote and develop eco-tourism as one of the primary activities to generate profits and employment and to broaden the gains of tourism to all sectors.

In line with the municipality’s vision to make the town of Los Banos as an eco-friendly science community, the MTO guarantees that its activities will coincide with the LGU’s environmental programs.  In addition, MTO also seeks to promote native products, culture and arts not only to visitors but also among the local residents. Moreover, the office also aims to produce high quality souvenirs and other Los Baños mementos. Lastly, with the newly enacted Tourism Code (Ordinance No. 2015-1439), enhancements in accessibility and standards of tourist destination and services can be anticipated.

The Tourism Office also ensures the smooth flow of communication information to better put in the picture the tourism activities, plans, and programs of the municipality.


In 2013, through the Resolution No. 2013-08, the Los Banos Municipal Tourism Council (LBTMC) was adopted, recognized its reconstitution. The LBTMC acts as an anchor in institutionalizing the plans and programs of local tourism development. The Council is also responsible for recommending policies, regulations and management, proposing and conducting trainings regarding tourism related personnel/establishments, putting forward and implementing income generating projects, updating the inventory of Los Banos tourism sites and establishments, and formulating package tours and promotional materials for all tourism related activities.

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